Town GIS & Maps

The Town of Coventry began implementing its Geographic Information System in 1998. Most of the geospatial data utilized by the Town originates from data provided by the Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS). 

In addition, Coventry has digital parcel data which is updated twice a month, based on information from the Tax Assessors' Department. The maps for this website were developed and are maintained by the Town of Coventry's MIS Department and Cartographics Associates, Inc.. 

New and updated Community Resource and Census Data will be added in the near future. The district maps marked in the GIS system are only valid until September 12, 2022. Beginning September 13th the new district lines will be in effect. New district lines are attached to this page.

Community Resource Maps

Jurisdictional Boundary Maps

Town Wide US Census Data

Evacuation Routes


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